We’ve been working on designs for a patio renovation in Cape Elizabeth over the winter. Now that Spring has arrived we’ve been able to finally break ground and start laying some stone down.

Here’s what the house and landscaping looked like last fall before crews began interior and exterior renovations:

The house and grounds offer beautiful views of Casco Bay — but were very dated.

Our preliminary design for the patio featured a unique angled layering of recycled antique granite curbing in place of tired brick and shrubs.

Placing the first stones … It’s always so fun to see our designs evolve from theory to reality!

And we have to say … Seeing that gorgeous antique granite in place is truly stunning!

Isn’t it dreamy?

We’re also going to be re-designing the fence line to the adjoining property to open up views to the water and to soften the separation between the two properties, as this house serves as the guest house to the other.

Make sure to check back for more updates!