• Ned Kirkland


    Ned spend a brief stretch of time as a structural engineer for UPS, but soon realized the corporate world was not for him.  He relocated to Maine and spent a few years getting his hands in the dirt.  By the mid- 1970’s he recognized his natural and creative eye and Back Meadow Farm was born.  Ned has an innate ability to capture “Maine Coast” landscapes. Through the years, he has poured his heart and soul into the business, which is reflected in every portion of the project. Over the last 30 plus years Ned’s keen business sense, exceptional work ethic, and passion to create has earned  Back Meadow Farm Inc. a respected name in the mid-coast area.

    Shep Kirkland


    Shep spent many of his younger years working alongside his father and crew doing just about anything he could. He has seen all operations of the business, grown with the company, and has been a great addition to the development team. He spent 7 years developing his own construction company in Jefferson, Maine and returned to Back Meadow full time in 2007. Shep has a hard-work ethic and a natural sense of creativity. He brings added knowledge of job site and crew coordination, estimation, equipment operation, and customer service.

    Emily Goodwin


    Similar to Ned and Shep, Emily most enjoys the development and creative process of new projects as well as the reconstruction of preexisting landscapes. Emily takes pleasure and pride in her work and is always looking to broaden her depth of knowledge and creative eye for landscapes and gardens. She prefers working outside with her crews but participates in the demands of the office. Over the last several years she has been diligently developing the company’s portfolio, mainstreaming their software and attentively strengthening both herself and the company’s knowledge of today’s ever changing landscape industry.