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  • Let us help you get your ideas onto paper and then in the ground!  Our experienced crew can assist you

    from conception to completion. By using our “boots on the ground” knowledge we can create

    a space with your specific site realities in mind.


    Whether you have a special event coming up or just want more color in your yard this summer season, we can help! And it doesn’t have to stop there!  There are many fall annuals to help extend the life of your garden.  BMF can design, install, and maintain the annuals in your yard to create a statement or subtly compliment your existing plants. 


    Planters can soften a space and add a splash of color to your deck or patio.  They can also bring added interest to your front door or allow for easy access to herbs where you may otherwise not be able to have them. Maybe you simply don’t have the time or the creativity to plant your window boxes this year.  We can design, install, and maintain one or more unique planters specifically for you. 


    Bulbs are a welcome site in the Spring after a long cold winter.  We can design and install large groupings to create a statement, small pockets to add pops of early color, or sprinkle groupings of daffodils to naturalize a meadow.  Whatever your desired affect and budget we can help you bring Spring to your yard.