• M  A  I  N  T  E  N  A  N  C  E

  • From weeding horsetails to pruning Viburnum, we’re dedicated to giving your flowers, trees, and shrubs

    the attention they need to flourish and thrive. At Back Meadow Farm we believe maintenance is much more than

    pulling weeds, it is caring for the health of your landscape from the ground up.   

  • General Care

    For your gardens to look their finest, they need consistent attention that you may not always have the time for. An hour or two spent mowing, weeding, raking, edging, and cleaning up a garden space can make a world of difference. Let us do the dirty work so that you don’t have to! We offer spring and fall clean-ups as well as more regularly scheduled maintenance.

    Specialized Care

    For your plants to really thrive, specialized maintenance is required.  Cutbacks of certain perennials throughout the summer can produce beautiful second or even third blooms, while deadheading of annuals produces healthier and consistent color in your gardens.  Let us give your flowers the attention they need to look their best and to last their longest. 


    Your shrubs and trees should be pruned regularly and at certain times of the year in order to promote healthy growth.  Cutting out damaged, dead, or broken branches, shaping, reducing size, and selective trimming will help your plants look their finest.  Let our trained professionals take the guesswork out of what can be a confusing – but necessary – task.